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TPS History Search - New Feature

 Article added: 21/08/2017

Search your TPS checking history

The burden of Data Compliance is ever increasing. When a business receives a complaint from the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) it can be often relate to an alleged call made many months in the past. This leaves businesses having to check through countless files to see if they did in fact screen the number or not.

Well TPS Services has launched a new feature that will store the history on all the numbers you’ve checked (if you opt to do so) and allow you to run searches on your number check history for up to 12 months.

New look internal screens.

We’ve also launched our new look internal screens which will allow us to offer more mobile friendly interfaces to increase access to yet more features due to be launched in the 2nd half of 2017.

Here’s a list of new features on their way

1 Download TPS history to a CSV file

As well as searching your TPS screening history you’ll soon be able to download the results of your search on any individual telephone number to a CSV file.

This will allow you to audit, reconcile and investigate your compliance to TPS regulations as well as assist you pass around vital information internally when investigtaing a TPS complaint.

The history saved on your checks is minimal and includes the date, telephone number, list name and result. No other data from your file is stored. Visit your user profile to adjust your history settings.

STATUS: Available Now

Download TPS Screening Results
Download your TPS History

2 Download more audit certificates

If you’re telemarketing on behalf of a client, you can already run their file through our system and use the file based certificate as evidence that screening has taken place.

For those of you familiar with our sister website or with our Certificates of Audit, you’ll soon be able to print a TPS Certificate for an individual number check as evidence of the result of your TPS screening on TPS Services which may help you in addressing TPS complaints.

STATUS: Available Now

Download more audit certificates
Download more audit certificates

3 Single Number Checking

The ability to check single numbers one at time rather than having to upload an entire spreadsheet.

When you have only a couple of numbers to check, our single number checking option will save you a great deal of time when TPS Screening.

STATUS: Available Now

Single Number TPS Checker
Single Number Checker

4 Copy and paste up to 100 numbers at a time

If you don’t want to upload an entire spreadsheet and don’t want to Check numbers one at a time, then maybe our TPS Screening Clipboard Option is right for you. You can copy, paste and check up to 100 numbers at a time.

This utility is especially useful for low volume TPS checkers.

STATUS: In Development

Paste Numbers into TPS Checker
Paste Numbers In

5 Microsoft Excel plugin for TPS Checking

Our Excel plugin will allow you to check numbers against the TPS and CTPS directly from within Excel rather than having to use our website.

Easy to install, easy to use. You can check numbers against the TPS and CTPS directly within Excel. Results can be shown in user defined colour coded cells.

STATUS: In Development

Excel plugin for TPS Checking
Microsoft Excel plugin for TPS Checking

6 API integration for Developers

For those already familiar with our TPS Checker API, the TPS services API will operate in exactly the same way but will interact directly with your TPS Services account.

Like any API, you will need a developer to implement. However, we work with client API’s everyday so we know a simple API when we see one and we especially know one when we write it!

Our API is designed to be simple and straight forward to integrate.

STATUS: In Development

TPS API integration for Developers
TPS API integration for Developers

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a range of TPS and CTPS screening solutions to fit whatever your individual needs are so that you can screen against the TPS as easily as possible with the minimum of inconvenience.

If there’s a feature or utility that you think would be useful then let us know. We’re keen to organise our development towards the needs of our clients.
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