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Let’s compare TPS Services to having your own TPS licence

Some customers have enquired about the comparison between TPS Services and owning their own licence, so we thought we’d put together this helpful step by step guide to managing your own TPS licence.

It’s important to bear in mind that each company's circumstances will be different.

Compare TPS Services to owning a TPS licence

Comparison Table
  Own Licence TPS Services
Licence cost £3,300 / year* £1,900 for 6,500,000** checks
Initial development of software to manage TPS download, de-dupe, formatting and updating.

What's involved:
  • Arrange daily auto download of TPS data
  • Replace entire TPS database or update appends and deletions instead
  • create user interface to upload and screen data
  • reformat data on import to deal with badly formatted data with telephone numbers in a variety of formats and fields containing extra text such as comments and notes
  • export screened data
Starting from around £10,000 as a one off fee to develop the system internally based on 3 months work for one person to develop, manage and update the TPS database that will then be managed by your IT team. £0
Deployment time 3 months to include development, testing and deployment. Ready now
Hosting Services to enable web based access to the screening service £720 per year (the more you spend, the faster your service will be. £60 per month would be the approximate cost of a basic web server) FREE
Errors in screening Any errors in your screening process may result in calls being made to numbers registered on the TPS. Your business will be responsible for any errors.

This means time and money spent investigating and resolving issues
TPS Services will deal with and accept responsibility for any errors in screening that could have reasonably been expected to be found (we haven't found one yet).

We provide this FREE.
Support Services to deal with queries in the screening process. £ Variable FREE
Do Not Call (DNC) list management and screening £5,000 as a one off fee to develop the system internally FREE***
Future development. No matter what you do, there will always be an ongoing development cost. It may be because the TPS change the location of the files or file names or that you want something extra from the system that you had not originally asked for. £500 per year TPS Services is continually developing and adding new facilities to our online system in line with what our customers tell us that they want.
5 Year Cost (based on 1 million records per year) £37,600 ex VAT £1,900 ex VAT

*Includes both TPS & CTPS  **includes 30% free credits  ***Up to 10,000 numbers

Things you may also need:

A new dedicated server £4,000

Backup device £1,000