Get a free TPS/CTPS data health check

TPS Services offer a FREE TPS/CTPS health check that will allow users to check the content of their data for matches to the TPS and CTPS registers.

This check will analyse your data and send you a report on how many numbers within your file have been found on the latest versions of the TPS and CTPS. This will give you an idea of how useable your data is.

This will not identify which numbers are registered on the TPS or CTPS. For that you will need to create an account, upload your data and screen it. This TPS Health Check will simply give you feedback via a report on the TPS/CTPS state of your data.

In order to process a health check you will need to have to hand:

  • Your contact details including email address
  • The file you want to screen
  • Results will be emailed, usually within 15 minutes
Please note

This FREE TPS screening service only provides you with a summary report on the state of your data. It does not return to you your file identifying which numbers are on the TPS/CTPS. If you want to screen your data and identify which numbers are on the TPS/CTPS then you will need to create an account, purchase some credits and upload your data for screening.

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