Upload and manage your Do Not Call (DNC) lists

What is a Do Not Call (DNC) List?

Companies that make outbound sales and marketing calls will often get people who ask to be removed from their calling lists. These removal requests are often referred to and maintained on a Do Not Call (DNC) list which is held internally by the company. These lists may be held in databases, Excel spreadsheets or in contact management systems.

When companies organise their outbound call campaigns, they are obliged to screen their data not only against the TPS, but their own DNC list as well.

Do Not Call (DNC) data management

It is often considered that calling someone on your DNC list is more annoying than accidentally calling someone registered on the TPS as they have already specifically asked you not to call them again.

How can we help you?

You can now upload your Do Not Call (DNC) lists to TPS Services and screen your data against them in order to ensure that you don't make calls to people who have previously requested that you not call them again.

You can upload multiple DNC lists, especially convenient if you operate calls on behalf of more than one company.

You can update your lists one number at a time, by copying and pasting up to 100 numbers at a time or alternatively by browsing and uploading an entire file.

We also have a number of improvements in development that will help you manage your DNC obligations as painlessly as possible.

Free to use for up to 10,000 DNC numbers

Simply create a TPS Services account and your DNC list management
will be there as standard for up to 10,000 numbers.

For larger lists please contact us.

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Available Now:
  • Upload your own DNC lists
  • Upload multiple lists
  • Update each list either by:
    • adding numbers on a one-by-one basis
    • copy and pasting up to 100 numbers at a time
    • browse and upload a file of updates to your DNC list
  • Screen against your DNC Lists free of charge
Coming Soon:
  • Add users to your DNC list to enable web logins to update numbers (useful for telemarketers)
  • API for developers to interact with your DNC list and link them directly to your dialers and other applications