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TPS Services specialises in providing companies with online solutions designed to assist call centre operations.

Our online TPS screening solutions offer quick and simple access to online TPS Screening allowing companies to screen single numbers or large lists of numbers.

We also offer free Do Not Call (DNC) list management where companies can upload, add to and screen against their in-house DNC lists completely free of charge.

TPS Services is a registered licensee of the Telephone Preference Service, Corporate Telephone Preference Service and Fax Preference Service registers, a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) and a member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

Vince Costa-Barnett - Director
Vince Costa-BarnettDirector

Most of our staff have been involved with data or marketing for many years. We have the resources to understand your data management and list screening needs as well as the innovation to provide you with the solutions that will make running your business that bit easier.

We currently offer TPS Screening through two websites:

TPS Services
TPS Services logo

TPS Services is made up of a team of programmers and developers who have collectively been involved with data for over 40 years. We understand data and we understand what you need.

We have created a suite of solutions that should be flexible enough to suit any business needs, that won’t break the bank and should help you stay on the straight and narrow with the minimum amount of fuss.

TPS Checker
TPS Checker logo

If you’re a very small business, you might find more suitable for you.

Our TPS Checker website is aimed at customer service staff, small businesses and consumers who want to check up to 10 individual numbers against the Telephone Preference Service per day. It’s completely free.