Let us screen your data

TPS Services is a valued member of the Direct Marketing Association and as such we are bound to the highest standards of confidentiality. Despite this, we understand that some clients would prefer not to upload their data.

We offer a Bureau service for clients who prefer to send us their files for TPS screening.

Talk to us today
If you’d like to send us your data rather than uploading it yourself or have any queries about our TPS Screening services, you can contact us using our Live Chat assistant, the Contact Us form on the contact page or simply by calling us on 0343 005 9576.

How can I send you my file?

Send it via email

Although email is great, it is often restricted by file size. This is one of the main reasons for an online service. You can upload millions of records online at a time convenient to you.

If your file contains over 50,000 records then we recommend checking the file size first before emailing it to us as we can’t accept files over 9MB at a time by email.

How to check the size of your file

In windows explorer, locate your file. Right click on the file and select 'Properties'. It will show the size of your file there. To email a file, it should be less than 9MB.

If your file is too big, you can try using a program such as Winzip (www.winzip.com) or Winrar (www.rarlab.com) to compress it before emailing it to us.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

You can send us your files on an FTP link if you have a technical team in your organisation. Files sent by FTP can be much larger than email and have no restriction in file size.

Password Protection
Before you send us your file, we recommend that you put a password on it.