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Why use TPS Services?

"The data market is changing. Your data will become ever more valuable as time progresses and as such, you should treat it like a priceless work of art. Guard it carefully and don't let just anyone get their hands on it.

Vince Costa-Barnett Director

Who really has their hands on your data?

Data is one of the key factors in your business's future success.

Unlike many companies offering TPS Screening, TPS Services does not trade in data.

We feel that trading in data would create a conflict of interest and that’s been a critical factor for our clients, to know that they can trust us with their data.

Can you say the same for your current TPS supplier?

Data companies are by their very nature experienced not only at managing data, but in cross matching, analysing and taking information from one database and adding it to another, perhaps a database they own themselves.

Companies who sell data, know the value of data.

Your data is a valuable asset to your business, don't take any chances with it.

– Vince Costa-Barnett, Director TPS Services

Some good advice on how to protect your data

If you're going to send your data for TPS screening, especially to a company that also sells data, then here's some advice:

  • Make sure they're on the official TPS Screening list cleaners declared to the TPS by visiting here:
  • It's worthwhile adding your own details and contact numbers into your data (perhaps get yourself some Pay As You Go mobile phones). That way you can monitor if any unknown parties start making calls using your data.
  • Make sure you have a TPS supplier who has a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or has an NDA built into their terms and conditions, like TPS Services.
  • Make sure your TPS screening company is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).
  • Make sure they are properly registered with the Data Protection Act: Search the Data Protection Register.
  • Take particular care to check if your supplier sells data similar to the data you're going to upload to them!
TPS Services does not sell data so youknow your data is safe with us
Advice on protecting your data
Don’t take risks with your data