Mobile Number Validation

Check the connectivity of your data

Improve connectivity, improve results. Improved results, increased profits.

Did you know you can check the connectivity of your mobile data before calling it?

Mobile disconnects are off the chart as people change their mobile phones on a much more regular basis. Fierce competition amongst mobile operators and an increased desire to avoid certain types of calls has resulted in people regularly moving networks and often taking new mobile numbers.

Maximise your data
  • UK landline and mobile telephone numbers
  • Numbers checked live, not against a historic database
  • Extremely accurate
  • Increase your sales results

Our Mobile Number validation services (sometimes calling HLR’ing) will help you establish the connectivity of your mobile telephone numbers.

The mechanics of how mobile numbers are cleaned is different to Landline cleaning and as such the volumes are higher and turnaround times shorter.

You can clean a file of 10,000 mobiles in around half an hour.

Mobile Telephone Number Validation Results

Code: Description
LIVE The number is active
DEAD The number is inactive
INVALID The number is incorrectly structured or is not a valid number issued by OFCOM
UNAVAILABLE The mobile number may have been off the network for a number of hours and remains currently unobtainable
INCONCLUSIVE The number probably needs to be manually tested. The network responded with an unknown result.

Please note

Unfortunately, such is the nature of the number validation market that our price promise does not apply to number validation orders.

Landline Number Validation

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Why should you clean your telephone data?

If your business relies on telephone based sales then you’ll know the value of connectivity.

We can help you validate the connectivity of your landline and mobile telephone numbers using our online and offline validation tools and increase the productivity of your outbound teams.

Don't settle for text messages disappearing into nowhere, automated voice messages not reaching their destination or operators waiting for lengthy periods on diallers for a connecting call.

When you validate your mobile numbers you'll:

  • increase connectivity
  • increase productivity
  • increase staff motivation with better results
  • increase the accuracy of your Management Information; and
  • ultimately increase your results