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What is “TPS online UK ECOM”?

 Article added: 11/03/2017

For years now, consumers have been confused by the appearance of transactions on their bank and credit card statements showing “TPS online UK ECOM”.

What it is

TPS online UK ECOM is in fact The Perfume Shop (online, in the UK and ECOM stands for “Ecommerce“). So if you have TPS Online UK ECOM on your bank or credit card statement, the chances are that you’ve made a purchase from the Perfume Shop recently.

The Perfume Shop

What it is not

TPS online UK ECOM is not TPS Services, despite the fact that a number of retailers mistakenly think that it is.

Some people think that someone has stolen money from their account, because they don’t recognise the transaction.

TPS Services

There is also the additional issue of some lesser known publicised news articles about unscrupulous people scamming consumers to register their number on the TPS and charging them for the service, even though registration on the TPS is free. There’s also an additional scam whereby companies call consumers pretending to be the TPS and offering people ‘renewals’ or ‘upgrades’ to their TPS registration. These scams sometimes make consumers link the debit on their bank or credit card to these scams and they immediately think that they have been a victim of fraud.

The Telephone Preference Service

How can I contact them?

Correct as of February 2022, you can go directly to the Pefume Shop Contact Us page by clicking: here

What we have done

Having identified the confusion, we have contacted The Perfume Shop and brought this issue to their attention and asked that they consider changing the descriptive text on their consumer debit and credit card transactions. We’re awaiting their response.

Still not sure?

If you have a transaction with “TPS online UK ECOM” on your bank statement and you don’t believe that you’ve made a purchase with The Perfume Shop, then we suggest you contact your card issuer or bank and raise a query with them saying that you don’t recognise the transaction and request a chargeback.

For more information on credit and debit card chargebacks visit

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