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TPS Services launches Proof of Screening Certificates

 Article added: 23/01/2016

Many of our clients have asked us to provide proof that they have screened their files against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) in order that they can evidence the fact to both clients and regulators that TPS screening has taken place.

So with this in mind, TPS Services has now created a Certificate of Audit to evidence that a file has been TPS screened. You can pass these Certificates on to your clients to evidence that you have screened their files.

It can be difficult to evidence to the regulators that you’ve been properly TPS screening and our certificates can help with that.

Each certificate carries the name of the file cleaned, the date, the expiration date of the data (28 days from the date of screening) together with a summary of the results including numbers identified on any of your Do Not Call (DNC) lists or those of your clients.

Each certificate also carries a unique certification number in the bottom left that allows us to verify its authenticity.

Why download a Certificate?

  • If you’re telemarketing on behalf of a client, you can run their file through our system and use the certificate as evidence the screening has taken place.
  • Evidencing screening to your clients will put their minds at rest that the work you’re undertaking and delivering to them is compliant and thorough
  • You can use the certificates to demonstrate to your clients the general ‘state’ of their data, including numbers matching any of the TPS, CTPS or FPS registers screened against as well as any internal or client Do Not Call (DNC) or remove lists uploaded to be screened against.
  • You can store the certificates indefinitely as evidence of TPS Screening.
Example Certificate

Certificates of Audit

Certificates of Audit is just another way that TPS Services helps its clients deal with everyday TPS related challenges.

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