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‘Stop now’ order issued to Glasgow marketing company.

 Article added: 16/06/2014

A marketing company based in Paisley, Glasgow has been ordered by The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to stop bombarding the public with nuisance marketing calls.

DC Marketing Limited made the calls to try and get people to purchase solar panels partly financed by the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. An ICO investigation found the company also frequently gave a false name to avoid detection.

The ICO became aware that DC Marketing Limited were still contacting individuals who had asked not to be contacted after 280 reports were made to the TPS and the ICO from angry members of the public.

It is against the law for a company to make marketing calls to an individual who has opted out of receiving them by registering with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or informing the company directly. It is also against the law for a company to give out false information in an attempt to avoid detection.

The firm is part of the Global Twenty Three group of energy marketing companies.

“This is yet another example of companies who could have avoided or certainly mitigated the problems they were encountering with the ICO by screening their data against the TPS before calling or broadcasting to it”, said Richard Kane of TPS Services.

ICO Assistant Commissioner for Scotland, Ken Macdonald, said:

“The law is clear. Companies must not contact individuals who have asked not to be called particularly those registered with the Telephone Preference Service. DC Marketing Limited failed to respect people’s wishes and even lied in order to try and avoid detection.”
“They have now been punished for their actions and served with an enforcement notice ordering them to stop making nuisance calls. If the company breaches the notice then it will be treated as a criminal offence.”
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