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DMA Launches TPS new TPS Assured scheme

 Article added: 01/11/2013

On 31st October 2013, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) announced its new TPS Assured scheme for responsible telemarketers.

The new scheme is aimed at helping to promote an organisations compliance to good telemarketing practice and to demonstrate this to both its prospective clients and the public generally by the use of new TPS Assured logo.

The scheme would involve an initial onsite audit, including analysis of an organisations dialler logs to ensure that their dialler is operating within the prescribed limits, followed by an annual audit upon renewal thereby giving all concerned continued confidence that standards have been upheld.

TPS Assured logo

Audits are anticipated to be undertaken at each site where telemarketing occurs.

The audit will obviously involve more than just an analysis of an organisations dialler and is likely to involve not only the review of telemarketing scripts, systems and procedures, but also live observation of the telemarketing process.

Edward Vaizey MP

The new scheme has the backing of the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and the support of Mr Edward Vaizey MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries (do you think there’s a business card big enough to hold that job title!)

Application fees start at around £500, with the first audit costing around £3,000 per site and annual renewals (largely desk/telephone based) are anticipated to be around £1,500 per site.

For more information on the new TPS Assured scheme visit the DMA’s dedicated website

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