Energy Company Fined

 Article added: 08/07/2013

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued a Manchester company with a fine of £45,000 for blighting the public with unwanted marketing calls.

The ICO proposed to issue a fine of £90,000, but after taking into account the company’s financial situation it reduced the fine to £45,000.

Tameside Energy Services Limited describes itself as a company which offers a range of energy efficiency improvements. Between 26 May 2011 and 31 January 2013 the company was found to be responsible for over 1,000 complaints to the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the ICO. In one case an 80 year old lady decided to complain after continuing to receive calls despite informing the company on 20 separate occasions that they must stop.

As well as failing to properly implement a Do Not Call (DNC) list to remove people from their contact lists, Tameside failed to carry out adequate checks to see whether the people they were calling had registered with the TPS.This is a legal requirement under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations governing electronic marketing.

Simon Entwisle, Director of Operations at the ICO said,

“This is not the first and will not be the last fine issued by the ICO for unwanted marketing calls. These companies need to listen – bombarding the public with cold calls will not be tolerated. Were it not for the company’s poor financial position, this fine would have been £90,000.”
“We are continuing our work with the industry, government and other regulators, including OFCOM, to co-ordinate our efforts to tackle this problem. We would like to see the law changed to make it simpler for us to punish companies responsible for repeated and continuous breaches of the law.”

The ICO has also issued the company with an enforcement notice, requiring Tameside to stop making calls to those people who have registered their number with TPS, or have previously notified Tameside that they do not wish to be contacted by them. Failure to comply with the notice will lead to formal prosecution through the courts.

TPS Services can help you screen your data against the Telephone Preference Service registers and help you manage and maintain your internal DNC lists to manage telephone numbers of people asking to be removed from your lists.
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